MSP2: Risks and Finance in Integrated Energy Markets

Significant investment will be needed in integrating energy and water systems. However, there are risks and uncertainties associated with ESI technologies, policy, prices, market evolution, weather and climate that can have a substantial effect on financial performance and the timing of investments (Yang et al., 2008). These effects are not well-represented in traditional deterministic discounted cash flow investment models estimating expected revenue streams (Dixit and Pindyck, 1994). This WP will develop models of energy investment that consider the inherent risk and uncertainty of integrated energy system technologies using Real Options Analysis (ROA), which is a known technique in corporate finance but has been limited in its application to the energy sector (Fernandes et al., 2011; Devine et al., 2014). It will use this framework and other methods to assess different hedging and support strategies to mitigate the risks associated with ESI and future markets to achieve socially-optimal levels of integrated energy system investment.


Research Outputs

Journal Clean energy investing in public capital markets: Portfolio benefits of yieldcos
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Dr Julie Byrne
Funded Investigator, Assistant Professor, School of Business, University College Dublin
01 716 8916
Dr Lisa Ryan
Assistant Professor, School of Economics, University College Dublin
+353 1 716 8212
Dr John Curtis
Associate Research Professor, ESRI, Dublin
+353 1 8632000
Prof Valentin Bertsch
Professor of Energy Systems Analysis, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Dr Petr Spodniak
Postdoc Researcher
Dr Hanyu Zhang
Postdoctoral Researcher
Guneet Kaur
Research Assistant
Martina Assereto
PhD Researcher
Linda Mastrandrea
PhD Researcher