EUI1: Proxy Metering of Energy Vectors in Industrial Manufacturing Sites

In a manufacturing environment, decisions on what renewable energy integration strategy to adopt or how to manage energy intensive systems are often not straightforward due to a lack of contextualised data coupled to the manufacturing system. The use of proxy metering (i.e. inferred rather than measured consumption) has the potential to complement existing data on energy and resource consumption. Workpackage End Use Integration 1 will improve the transparency of information across the full energy and resource chain in manufacturing sites. In addition, it will explore opportunities for demand management within the factory environment and will examine the impact on the national grid of demand management decisions within the factory.


Research Outputs

Journal On-site renewable electricity production and self consumption for manufacturing industry in Ireland: Sensitivity to techno-economic conditions
2018; Journal of Cleaner Production; Sgobba, A., and Meskell, C.
Journal End use level water and energy interactions: A large non-residential building case study
2018; Water; Nair, S., Hashim, H., Hannon, L. and Clifford, E.
Conference  Facing the information leaks in industrial water systems: A concept for proxy measurements to support water metering audits
2018; 25th CIRP Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) Conference, Denmark; Seiler, D., Donovan, D., and O'Donnell, G.E.
Conference  Quantifying energy losses associated with faults in building water networks using a novel fault detection, diagnosis and optimization approach
2017; 12th Conference on sustainable development of energy, water and environment systems, 4-8 October 2017, Croatia; Nair, S., Mulligan, S., Hashim, H., Ryan, P., Keane, M., Clifford, E. and Hannon, L.
Conference  A perspective on energy and resource measurement strategies in industrial water systems: a basis for analysis, modelling and optimisation
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Conference  Investigation of the effect of mass ratio and Reynolds number on damping controlled fluidelastic instability in normal triangular arrays
2016; 11th International Conference on Flow-Induced Vibration - FIV2016, Netherlands; de Palomar, P., and Meskell, C.


Dr Eleanor Denny
Funded Investigator, Associate Professor of Economics, Trinity College Dublin
01 896 1069
Dr Craig Meskell
Funded Investigator, Associate Professor, Dept. of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, Trinity College Dublin
01 896 1455
Dr Garret O'Donnell
Funded Investigator, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, Trinity College Dublin
01 896 1184
Dr Eoghan Clifford
Funded Investigator, Lecturer Civil Engineering, College of Engineering and Informatics, NUI Galway
00 353 91 492219
Dr Tom Lupton
Postdoctoral Researcher
Alessia Sgobba
PhD Researcher
Federico Caruso
PhD Researcher
Dominik Seiler
PhD Researcher
Hafiz Hashim Waheed
PhD Researcher