EUI7: Diversification of Gas End Use and Supply

The IEA reported in May 2012 that the world is now poised to enter a ‘Golden Age of Gas’ as gas begins to eat away at oil as the dominant primary energy source and global gas production increases year on year. In Ireland, natural gas accounts for ~33% of the total energy needs with 60% going directly towards electricity production. Ensuring the security and reliability of supply and increasing the end-use efficiency are two key concerns for the global gas industry (MITEI, 2011; GERG, 2008). Diversification of the gas supply is possible in the short to medium term through the production of bio-methane or via the use of P2G (power to gas) technologies (E.ON, 2013), each with its unique characteristic production profile. The number of potential uses for gas as an energy source is also growing. The uptake of natural gas powered vehicles, micro-CHP (combined heat and power) and direct industrial usage could all contribute to increased gas consumption. Enhanced understanding of the operation of these technologies, their potential gas demand profiles, coupled with a multipoint gas supply scenario, and increased (energy) storage opportunities, will lead to new management and operational challenges for the natural gas network (e.g. decisions on when to line-pack, optimising the efficient delivery of gas to the end user and deciding which pressure regulation stations to use or gas sources to bring on line, as part of an optimised daily/weekly schedule). The integration of these technologies into the gas network cannot be examined in isolation, but must be considered in the context of a more integrated energy system taking into account the need for gas fuelled power stations to complement wind and other renewable electricity sources while at the same time cover seasonal peak domestic and industrial heating demands.


Research Outputs

Conference  Potential to use power-to-gas in an isolated or segmented network
2017; 10th World congress of Chemical Engineers, Spain; Chandrasekar, A., Ekhtiari, M.A., Flynn, D. and Syron, E.
Conference  Use of Gas Networks for Energy Storage across interconnected Energy Systems
2017; 3rd World Congress on Oil, Gas and Petrochemistry 2017, Spain; Ekhtiari, M. A., Chandrasekar, A., Flynn, D. and Syron, E.
Conference  Use of Power to Gas for the Reduction of Renewable Energy Curtailment
2017; International Gas Union Research Conference 2017, Brazil; Chandrasekar, A., Ekthari,A., Flynn, D. and Syron, E.


Professor Eoin Casey
Co-Principal Investigator, Professor, Head of UCD School of Chemicals & Bioprocess Engineering
01 716 1877
Dr Damian Flynn
Funded Investigator, Associate Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, University College Dublin
01 716 1819
Dr Eoin Syron
Funded Investigator, Assistant Professor, School of Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering, University College Dublin
01 716 1719
Aruna Chandrasekar
PhD Researcher
Mohammad Ali Ekhtiari
PhD Researcher
Devasanthini Devaraj
PhD Researcher