MD2: Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

Distributed Energy Resources (DER), defined as electric power sources which are connected to the distribution system, are seen as having several benefits for the overall energy system, including more efficient use of primary energy resources, increase in the security and reliability of supply, reduction of congestion on transmission systems and a reduction in emissions though increased use of renewable resources (L’Abbate et al., 2007). A full realisation of the potential of DER could have a significant impact on the overall energy system; however their proper integration into the electrical energy system is an on-going challenge facing the energy industry (EPRI, 2014). On one hand, the widespread use of DER significantly changes the characteristics and operation of the electrical power system, whereas, on the other hand, the control level inherent in the power electronics interface with the grid offers significant potential for supporting the power system (Smith et al., 2011; Cuffe et al., 2014). Although it is recognised that the adoption of a range of distributed energy resources and technologies can improve integration (IPCC, 2011), the growth in DER to date has not always happened in an integrated manner. This WP is aimed at understanding the implications of the widespread use of DER, in particular storage, as a complement to renewable generation, with a specific focus on its ability to balance the provision of system services with local network objectives. There is a particular focus here on DER connected at the low voltage network level, in order to determine how the local energy system characteristics influence the operation and capability of DER. The scope of the work includes micro-generation and PV combined with storage and demand side possibilities. An important aspect of the work is the inclusion of the control possibilities inherent in the power electronics interface into the system level studies, combined with the eventual implementation of control scenarios on a Real Time Simulator (RTS). The primary aim of the WP is to identify the integration opportunities for DER with a particular focus on the requirements of the distribution network and wider system and also to determine the implications of these for how existing energy systems are planned and operated.


Research Output


Conference  Strategic Scheduling in Smart Grids
2018; 18th IEEE International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering (EEEIC 2018), Italy; Nouri, A., Soroudi, A and Keane, A.
Conference  Modelling, Simulation and Hardware-in-the-Loop of Virtual Synchronous Generator Control in Low Inertia Power System
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2017; CIGRE Symposium 2017, Ireland; Ibrahim, I., Rigoni, V., O'Loughlin, C., O'Donnell, T. and Jasmin S.


Professor Andrew Keane
Associate Professor, Head of Energy Institute, University College Dublin
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Dr Terence O'Donnell
Co-Principal Investigator, Associate Professor, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
+353 1 7161953
Dr Alireza Nouri
Postdoctoral Researcher
Cathal O’Loughlin
Research Engineer
+353 1 716 1826
Valentin Rigoni
PhD Researcher
Ismail Ibrahim
PhD Researcher
Junru Chen
PhD Researcher