MSP3: Consumer Behaviour in an Integrated Energy System

Consumers may influence the development and regulation of energy systems, as energy producers, as participants in organizations and institutions, and as parties affected by energy systems (Stern, 2014). Hence, consumers play an important role in an integrated energy system. This WP addresses a main challenge in this respect: consumers’ willingness to accept and adopt necessary technological changes and adapt their (energy, gas and water) consumption patterns (Wüstenhagen et al., 2007). Most existing interventions rely on a combination of financial and social influence strategies to change consumer behaviour, which can either strengthen or undermine the overall effect on consumers’ acceptance levels and behaviour, depending on their underlying motives (e.g. attitudes, values and perceptions of e.g. risk, trust and uncertainty). The objective of this WP is to empirically test how various (financial and social influence) interventions affect consumers’ technology acceptance (i.e. feedback systems such as smart thermostats or smart control systems), willingness to invest, and their energy, gas and water consumption patterns, particularly in the long term.


Research Outputs

Conference  Irish stakeholders' perspectives on decentralisation of energy systems
2018; British Environmental Psychology Society 5th Annual Conference (BrEPS 2018), United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland); Medugorac, V. and Schuitema, G.
Journal Recycling alone or protesting together? Values as a basis for pro-environmental social change actions
2018; Frontiers in Psychology; Sloot, D., Kutlaca, M., Medugorac, V. and and Carman, P.
Conference  Stakeholders' perspectives on energy consumers' role in decentralized energy systems
2018; International Conference of Applied Psychology (ICAP 2018), Canada; Medugorac, V. and Schuitema, G.
Conference  Information Asymmetry, Split Incentives and Energy Efficiency in the Residential Rental Market
2018; 6th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists (WCERE), Sweden; Petrov, I and Ryan, L.
Conference  Odd couple or perfect pair? Tensions and recommendations for social scientist-industry partnerships in energy research
2017; Behaviour, Energy and Climate Changes (BECC) Conference, United States of America; Sintov, N. and Schuitema, G.
Conference  Consumer's role in flexible energy systems
2017; IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting 2017, United States of America; Schuitema, G., Ryan, L. and Aravena, C.
Conference  Segmenting population regarding the acceptance of the water charges in Ireland
2017; European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC) 2017: Leaving Footprints, Netherlands; Schuitema, G., Rodriguez-Sanchez, C. and Sancho-Esper, F.


Dr Eleanor Denny
Funded Investigator, Associate Professor of Economics, Trinity College Dublin
01 896 1069
Dr Geertje Schuitema
Funded Investigator, Assistant Professor, School of Business, University College Dublin
Dr Lisa Ryan
Assistant Professor, School of Economics, University College Dublin
+353 1 716 8212
Ivan Petrov
PhD Researcher
Vanja Medugorac
PhD Researcher