• ESIPP Research Symposium 25 October 2018: Unlocking the Potential of Energy Users in the Energy Transition

    The ESIPP Research Symposium for 2018 will take place on Thursday 25th October in Astra Hall, UCD. The focus will be on sharing our research in the area of energy systems integration with interested stakeholders. Please see below for more details. If you would like to be added to our mailing list to find out more, e-mail esipp.admin@ucd.ie.


    The Energy Systems Integration Partnership Programme (ESIPP) is a research programme which seeks to address some of the important challenges for energy systems of today and the future. As concerns relating to climate change continue to mount and the need to reduce our emissions grows, the way we use and source energy needs to change. The production of energy, on which we are all reliant, results in significant emissions and it is essential that these emissions are reduced in order to achieve our climate change obligations. However, the use of substantial amounts of energy is necessary to maintain our high standard of living. In order to achieve the necessary improvements, a number of different solutions will be needed involving a wide range of stakeholders and participants, with these solutions often overlapping and interacting. This results in the need for Energy Systems Integration research which is the focus of this research programme.


    The focus of this symposium will be on unlocking the potential of energy users in this transition. The format of the day will include:


    A series of talks covering some of the research currently underway in ESIPP, with particular focus on different energy end users from large scale industrial users to residential.


    A panel session providing insights from industry representatives directly engaging with energy users.


    An overview of all of the ongoing ESIPP research and an opportunity to interact with the ESIPP researchers at a poster session. Areas covered include:

    -Power Systems
    -Gas Networks
    -Climate and Weather
    -Residential and Commercial Buildings
    -Wastewater Treatment
    -Data Centres
    -Market structures – incentives and risks