• Electricity users will be central to decarbonisation

    Ireland’s electricity system is set to undergo significant transformation in the coming years as we electrify our heating and cooling and decarbonise our energy.


    UCD Energy Institute today hosted a research webinar “Beyond 70% Renewable Electricity” which highlighted some of the research activities that will help this transition, through understanding how and where demand will change and looking at new ways of operating the system as more devices and dispersed generation connects.


    Speaking at the event, Dr Lisa Ryan said “Government Policy is to dramatically increase the number of electric vehicles and heat pumps in our homes. Our research looks at the policy instruments that can be used to promote technology uptake to meet these policy objectives, to identify areas where uptake is more likely and to highlight where more needs to be done.”


    With the increasing number of devices connected in people’s homes, the implications for the electricity system need to be well understood, including whether the traditional ways of operating the system remain appropriate.


    UCD Energy Institute Director Prof Andrew Keane noted “Electricity consumers will play an increasingly important role as we transition to a decarbonised energy system with the connection of battery electric vehicles, heat pumps and smart home devices. One of the questions we want to answer is how these devices can be used to bring benefits to the system in support of renewable energy, considering the complex physical interactions at play.”


    The webinar, hosted by environmental writer and commentator John Gibbons, also outlined research activities identifying some of the technical opportunities and solutions that will help deliver renewable electricity, including the provision of system support from connected devices, and the improved use of existing infrastructure to facilitate the integration of higher levels of renewable electricity.