• Climate Action Plan 2019

    The UCD Energy Institute has developed a paper highlighting how ongoing research aligns to the Climate Action Plan that was published in June. This plan sets out ambitious targets for Ireland in relation to decarbonisation for 2030 leading towards a net zero carbon position in 2050.


    The paper highlights a number of different research activities ongoing in the Energy Institute.The UCD Energy Institute is well positioned to help achieve the Government strategy. The core of its expertise is in power systems and the integration of renewable generation onto the electricity grid. Through the SFI funded Energy Systems Integration Partnership Programme (ESIPP), this expertise has expanded to bring a whole of system approach which includes aspects of energy demand, forecasting and, crucially, social acceptance and consumer behaviour.


    For more information on the research activity see here.



  • Save the Date: ESRI/UCD Conference - Energy Research to Enable Climate Change Mitigation

    Energy researchers from the ESRI and UCD’s Energy Institute will present a selection of their respective research providing an evidence base for climate change mitigation.

    This will be a half-day conference in the morning. More information and a link to register will be available soon on the ESRI website.

    Date: Tuesday, 17 September

    Time: TBC (AM)

    Location: ESRI, Whitaker Square, Sir John Rogerson's Quay, Dublin 2

  • Statement on Climate Action Plan

    The publication of the Government Climate Action Plan 2019 is a welcome development for Ireland's climate policy. This plan sets out ambitious targets for Ireland in relation to decarbonisation for 2030 leading towards a net zero carbon position in 2050. This plan is an important step in setting out the actions which will help achieve these targets and shows strong leadership from Minister Richard Bruton.

    UCD Energy Institute has issued a statement highlighting the relevant research activity underway in the Energy Institute and through ESIPP.

    Statement on Climate Action Plan

  • ESIPP/Energy Institute Podcasts

    You can now listen to short podcasts from the some of the ESIPP research team who are based in the UCD Energy Instiute on the Energy Institute website. These podcasts provide brief overview (1-2 minutes) of the research being carried out following presentations at the Energy Institute / ESIPP Weekly Seminar Series. These will be updated as they become available.

    Listen here (at the bottom of the page).

    You can find more information about each of these researchers on the People page of the ESIPP Website.

  • ESIPP Images of Research Competition – Winners announced

    We are delighted to announce or ESIPP Images of Research Compeyition winners. This is the first time we have run this competition which was open to all ESIPP team member. We received 14 entries to the competition and our panel of independent judges voted for the top 3 entrants. Congratulations to all our winners and all the entrants to the competition!


    Cooling the Cloud - Jaakko McEvoy, PhD Student, Trinity College Dublin




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