Dr Conor Sweeney
Funded Investigator, Lecturer in Applied and Computational Mathematics, University College Dublin
(01) 716 2358

I'm a lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Statistics in UCD, and a member of the UCD Meteorology and Climate Centre, the UCD Earth Institute and the UCD Energy Institute. My current research interests include: improved forecasting methods for wind and solar renewable energy and Energy Systems Integration, extreme events in climate, Numerical Weather Prediction, and statistical post-processing. My primary degree was in Mechanical Engineering in UCD. I went on to do my PhD in Trinity College Dublin in the area of Computational Fluid Dynamics. This led to a post-doctoral position in climate modelling with Met Éireann before returning to UCD to join the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Blog: http://metclim.ucd.ie/

Twitter: @conorsy

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