Dr Garret O'Donnell
Funded Investigator, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, Trinity College Dublin
01 896 1184

Dr. Garret O'Donnell is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering in Trinity College Dublin, and is a former graduate of the Dublin Institute of Technology, University of Dublin and NUI Dublin. Dr. O Donnell’s research activities are based on advancing the scientific understanding underpinning advanced manufacturing technologies in sectors such as medical devices, automotive and aerospace sectors. The core focus of the research work is the characterisation of measurable phenomena in materials processing spanning length scales and spanning domains from machining to energy and resource consumption at factory systems level.

Within ESIPP Dr. O'Donnell and his team are involved in the End Use strand with focus on measurement and optimisaiton of energy, water and gas consumption within industrial systems. In particular, within ESIPP Dr. O Donnells team are working closely with Merck Millipore, and REI Ltd with industrial investigations and trials underway. Dr. O’Donnell is also an SFI Investigator with the Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research (AMBER) SFI centre at Trinity College. In the last 10 years, Dr. O'Donnell has developed a research group in the field of manufacturing engineering and industrial energy efficiency research, and supervised 22 graduate research theses to completion, graduating 9 MSc by research and 13 PhDs. The majority of the graduates from the group have taken up positions in industry in Ireland, Europe and US. The calibre of the research group is at the highest level internationally and a metric of international esteem is that Dr. O Donnell is an associate member of The International Academy of Production Engineering (CIRP).


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