Mohammad Ali Ekhtiari
PhD Researcher (Alumni)

Ali graduated in Chemical Engineering -Gas Processing with MSc and Mechanical Engineering -Heat and Fluids with BEng. His master thesis title was "Comparison of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and Diesel Fuels in urban buses by Life Cycle Assessment (well to wheel) Method". and his bachelor project was "Thermal Analysis of Solar Tunnel Dryer" which he registered a patent during his research with the title of "Solar-Fan Tunnel Dryer in industrial scale" (which it won the award of Geneva invention competition in 2010). Furthermore, between his master and bachelor studies, he worked on two other research projects: "Design of solar water desalination", "Simulating of fluid at the inlet-engine valve of Pride (Saipa car) with Ansys-CAE". 
Before returning to academic for PhD, Ali has some work experiences in oil and gas projects as a process/mechanical specialist to prepare technical packages. He was also active in R&D section of TAM company to design a flow computer to calibrate a gas-flow meter (turbine type). 
Now, Ali is working on "Modelling of Gas Network in an Interconnected Energy System" as PhD student under supervision of Eoin Syron (primary supervisor) and Damian Flynn (secondary supervisor).

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