Dr Tom Lupton
Postdoctoral Researcher

Having completed a doctorate, in impinging jet heat transfer, at Trinity College Dublin in 2010, I started working at the Rolls Royce University Technology Centre, based in the Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering Department at Loughborough University. I preformed simulations using CFD software (Ansys Fluent/Star CCM+) and Matlab to understand thermal fluid flow of components of a Jet Engine. Simulations where validated through additional experimental studies utilising transient liquid crystal thermography. In 2014, I moved to the Building Energy Research group within the Civil Engineering Department at Loughborough University. I worked with TATA Steel Tubes in developing BISPA (Building and Industrial Services Pipework Academy), an educational platform that offer TATA a pathway to engage directly & teach end users about the science and best practice associated with using steel tubes. In 2016, I returned to Trinity College Dublin to work on the development of boiling enhancement coatings manufactured using Cold Spray technology. At present I’m working in the area of utility usage monitoring.

Associated ESIPP Work Packages