Dr Ioannis Dassios
Senior Researcher

I studied Mathematics and completed a two-year MSc in Applied Mathematics & Numerical Analysis at the Department of Mathematics, University of Athens, Greece with grade ”Excellent” (highest mark in the Greek system).

As a MSc student I received a travel grant to visit the Department of Mathematics at the University of North Texas, USA. There I studied an evolution problem of dynamical networks modelled by partial differential equations.

In July 2012 I received my PhD in Mathematics from the Department of Mathematics, University of Athens, Greece, focusing on singular discrete dynamical systems and their applications.

Since then, I have been a Post-Doctoral Researcher at MACSI (Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry), Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Limerick, Ireland and a Senior researcher at ERC (Electricity Research Centre), University College Dublin Ireland.

Previously, I worked for fifteen months as a Post-Doctoral Research & Teaching Fellow in Optimization at the School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh, UK. There, I worked on Optimization methods for the analysis of large scale data sets and on singular systems of fractional nabla difference equations. In addition, I worked for six months as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the Modelling and Simulation Centre, University of Manchester, UK. There I worked on the theoretical development and computational implementation in the non-linear mechanics of discrete systems representing materials microstructures.

Currently I am a Senior Researcher at ESIPP, University College Dublin Ireland.

My current research interests include singular systems, optimization methods, dynamical systems (differential & difference equations), fractional calculus, networks, and mathematical modeling with applications in power systems, energy systems, circuits and materials.




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