Cathal Hoare
Senior Energy Systems Researcher

Mr. Cathal Hoare joined UCD as a senior energy systems researcher in 2016. From a Computer and Information Science background, he has contributed to projects through the development of software frameworks for data access and the semantic integration of disparate database schema. He has also worked as a part-time lecturer in University College Cork and as a software contractor. In this later role, he applied lessons from his industry experience to assist numerous small to medium size businesses to realise prototype and production mobile application and server stacks. 
Prior to this Cathal worked as a software engineer, and later senior software engineer in the telecommunications network management software domain. Here he delivered management infrastructure and quality metrics software for (at the time) novel communications protocols such as GPRS and 3G. Through this work he was involved in several patent disclosures, one of which was pursued to a full patent award. Through this work, he developed the communications and co-ordination skills required to operate effectively as part of multi-location, multi-disciplinary team.   
Cathal is completing a PhD part-time. This work is focused on investigating novel intelligent, sensor enabled search user-interface features that allow users to browse information about entities in their physical environment.

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