Energy Systems Integration Partnership Programme (ESIPP), brings together a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional research team in Ireland with expertise in electricity, gas, water and data, with the relevant industry partners to focus on building human capacity and to develop a national coherent research activity in ESI.

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    Energy Systems Integration Partnership Programme
IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting

A number of ESIPP team members recently participated in the IEEE PES General Meeting which took place in Chicago on 16-20 July. Participants at the event included Andy Keane, Federico Milano, Damian Flynn, Eoin Casey, Geertje Schuitema and Valentin Rigoni. Further information on the conference can be found at:

During the IEEE PES General Meeting Federico Milano was awarded a recognition for his participation to a Task Force on Test Systems for Voltage Stability Analysis and Security Assessment. The report prepared by this TF was published in 2016 and is now one of the most downloaded documents of the IEEE publication database.

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