The Energy Systems Integration Partnership Programme (ESIPP) aims to address some of the leading energy challenges required to decarbonise our energy system. ESIPP, the flagship project of the UCD Energy Institute, brings together a multidisciplinary team from 5 research institutions, along with our industry partners, to tackle these challenges.

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    Energy Systems Integration Partnership Programme
Online Event: UCD ESRI Energy Policy Research Conference - Thursday 24th September

The annual UCD ESRI Energy Policy Research Conference will take place on Thursday 24th September. This year the event will be a half day event and will take place online. We are delighted to have Minister Eamon Ryan (Minister for Climate Action, Communication Networks and Transport) to open the event and look forward to a series of interesting presentations from researchers in both ESRI and UCD Energy Institute. 


Registration is open here.

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The Energy Institute Real Time (EIRT) Display shows the current status of the electricity systems in Ireland and the UK, including information on demand, wind generation, frequency and interconnector flows. The information used to power the page is based on data from ENTSO-E, EirGrid and Elexon. The display is updated in real time providing an interesting overview of the electricity systems.

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