Energy sources, fossil, renewable and nuclear, are converted, transported and delivered to the end user typically through distinct systems with unique physical, commercial and regulatory characteristics. Driven by the societal need to improve security of supply, competitiveness and environmental sustainability there is a growing trend to integrate these and other related systems including data and water. This is particularly true with increasing levels of variable renewables (wind and solar), e.g. using excess electricity to provide heat. Energy Systems Integration (ESI) is focussed on the interfaces between these systems where there are new challenges and opportunities requiring research, demonstration and deployment to reap the commercial and societal benefits.

Through Energy Systems Integration Partnership Programme (ESIPP), we bring together a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional research team in Ireland with expertise in electricity, gas, water and data, with the relevant industry partners to focus on building the human capacity and to develop a national coherent research activity in ESI. ESIPP is the flagship programme of the Energy Institute at UCD & involves 23 academics from 7 institutions across Ireland. There are 3 strands of research:

  • Modelling and Data
  • End Use
  • Markets & Strategic Planning

ESI is a recent emerging area globally and ESIPP will give Ireland a first move competitive advantage in the research domain, and through our industry partners and collaborators, commercial advantage.